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Ecodesign Directive


As everybody within our industry is aware the Eco Design Directive for Professional Refrigerated Storage Cabinets came into force from 1st July 2016, here at Pentland Wholesale we have been monitoring the situation and working with our suppliers to ensure all our products will comply with EU legislation.

In brief, the products that are included are all solid door fan assisted refrigerated cabinets used for storage but not display of product. These products will be rated A – G depending on the operating efficiency. This legislation only applies to product that is “new to the market”, all existing stock is not liable for labelling.

It is anticipated that from 2017 Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets and Bottle Coolers will also be included in separate legislations, this at the time of going to print is still to be confirmed. Once confirmation of the directives is received Pentland Wholesale will comply with all legislation as required.

Ecodesign Directive<